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These settings are for use with email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail. To send mail, users will need to consult these settings depending on their physical location.

On Campus

For detailed settings for accounts, please refer to email settings for more information.
- Incoming mail server: OR
- Outgoing mail server:
- Incoming mail server:
- Outgoing mail server:
- Port: 587
- Incoming mail server:
- Outgoing mail server:

Microsoft Exchange
- Incoming mail server:
- Outgoing mail server:

Off Campus

If you are off campus your outgoing email (SMTP) server must change to match your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The incoming server should remain the same regardless of whether you are on or off campus.

If your ISP is Verizon use:
- port 587 (Verizon has disabled the default port 25)

If your ISP is Cox use:
- port 25 enabled


Rather than change settings between home and office, it may be more convenient to use the Zimbra Web Interface via a browser. This does not require the use of a client.

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