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URI Instructional Computing Facilities

NOTE: This room is currently under renovation.
New documentation forthcoming.


Fine Arts Lab, F 102 (map)


Lab phone: 401-874-2703

For additional information, please contact:

Classroom Media Assistance
Lower Level Library (LL4)

To reserve this room, contact:
Ken Sisson:


Fall & Spring Semester:
Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. - noon
Closed Saturdays & Sundays

Closed Intersession & Summer


18 24" Mac Pros CD -R, -RW, DVD -R, -R DL, -RW, +R, +R DL, +RW

Users can either save projects to a USB drive or burn a CD/DVD.

It is strongly recommended that students not rely on the hard drives to store projects in progress between sessions. Another user may delete the file or edit it.


The Fine Arts Lab is now scheduled through Enrollment Services. Contact Ken Sisson at to reserve the lab.

Electronic Access

This lab is administered by Classroom Media Assistance.
A staff member of Classroom Media Assistance must open the lab, and oversees the lab during normal operating hours.
If you wish to reserve the lab for a time outside of the normal operating time, special arrangements must be made by contacting Classroom Media Assistance through the above mentioned means.

Internet Access


Wired Connection

Each room has at least one active ethernet port for use with the internet.
The port will be marked with a yellow dot.
There should be an ethernet cable in the rack drawer to use with the port.
If you find one is missing, please call Classroom Media Assistance at 874-4278.

Wireless Access

If you are unable to get online using the wired port, or if you prefer, all rooms also have wireless internet access.
If you have not used wireless access in the past, please be sure to test out your laptop before class starts.
Some manufacturers have special programs or settings that control wireless, or your machine may have a physical button that needs to be selected.

If you have never used your laptop on the URI network, you will be asked to download and install and electronic policy key. You probably don't want to do this during class time as it can be time consuming, so connect your laptop in your office first and get this step out of the way.

To authenticate with the policy site:
- Use your URI username (which is the same as your eCampus username)
- With your password.
If you have never used this mail account, the default password will still be in effect; this is your birthdate in the MMDDYYYY format.

TurningPoint Technologies Channel

Channel 20


Laptop computers are not stationed in the rooms, they must be reserved separately and picked up from Classroom Media Assistance in the Lower Level of the Library (LL4).

All media must be reserved via the Web reservation form.

The computer lab in Fine Arts Lab has the following equipment installed:
10 Sony HDV Decks 1 BlueRay Writer/Player 4 Digidesign Decks 4 FireWire Hubs
DVDeck.jpg BlueRay.jpg Digidesign.JPG FirewireHub.JPG

Also installed are the following pieces of equipment:
A monitor next to each Mac Pro
Installed, ceiling-mounted Digital projector
Projection screen (switch)*
Instructor workstation:*
Monitor with DV/HDD/DVD player
Audio-visual equipment rack*:
Laptop Hookup
Cassette Player
DVD Player- remote control in bottom drawer
VHS Player
Wired Internet access
2 Scanners
Overhead Projector (next to instructor workstation)*
Two Whiteboards
*=Described below

Light Switch

Fac Light Switch.JPG Fine Arts Light Switch

Switches on immediate right wall.

  • Up- Lights on
  • Down- Lights off

Left switch is for the back lights. Right switch is for the front lights.


Projection Screen

This is installed, ceiling-mounted, and controlled by the media rack.

FAC switch.JPG Projector Screen Switch

Projector Screen Switch -
The switch is around the wall to your immediate left, as you walk into the lab

  • Up- screen goes up
  • Down- screen goes down

Before Leaving the Room

Please turn off the Projector using the media system touchscreen control.

Instructor workstation

Fac instructor workstation.JPG Instructor Workstation

On the left is DV/HDD/DVD player and recorder with a monitor on top.
On the right is a MAC OS X, version 10.5.6. It can be projected with input #1 (CPU).

Fac monitor dv dvd player.jpg Monitor with DV/HDD/DVD player and recorder

This is connected to the Media Rack as Input #6, and the remote controller is next to this equipment.

(DV/HDD Player on Left, DVD Player on right)
1. Power Button
2. Eject
3. Main controls- Stop, Rewind, Play, Fast Forwards, Pause, Record.(in order)
4. Type Change
5. Eject for DV/HDD
6. Eject for DVD

Fac dv controls.jpg The DV/HDD/DVD player

Overhead Projector

Overhead Projector

To use an overhead projector:

  1. Plug in the projector.
  2. Select which bulb you wish to use (1 or 2).
  3. Press the power on button.

The projector should now be illuminated and the fan should be running. Place your transparency on the projector and adjust the top mirror as necessary to get a clear image.

Please visit Overhead Projectors for more information.


Please see the complete list of all computer lab software on the Computing Facilities page.


The printing server uses URI's Ram Account system.
Value can be added to a student's RAM Account at the following locations:

  • Library
  • Memorial Union
  • Hope Dining Commons.

If you do not have a Ram Account, a guest account can be obtained at the vendor in the Library.
Black & white printing costs 10 cents per page.
Color printing costs 25 cents per page.


  • Media & Technology Services and Classroom Media Assistance are not responsible for lost/corrupt files or lost/stolen personal property.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the lab.

All University, ITS managed, computer labss are subject to the 'Acceptable Use Policy', which can be found here.