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This guide is designed to help Faculty and Staff schedule Training on Classroom Equipment provided by Classroom Media Assistance.

Who to Contact

Classroom Media Assistance
Lower Level Library (LL4)
To reserve a classroom, contact:
General Assignment Classrooms form: Request a Classroom

How to Request Training

Request for media training can be arranged by contacting Classroom Media Assistance through the following venues:

  • Email: Send an email to the account listed above. In the email please include the room on which you need to be trained, any preferred days (please note that trainings will be arranged around class schedules, and any specifics on what you intend to use the media in the room for.
  • Phone: Making a call to the primary CMA number listed above. Please be aware, that the same questions listed above that we recommend you answering in the email, will also be asked of you during the phone conversation.

What Should You Know After a Training

  • Where all equipment and switches within a room are
  • How to operate all media that you plan to use (Laptop, DVD, VHS, Audio, etc.)
  • Basic troubleshooting of all equipment you plan to use. (How to solve common problems)
  • How to receive further assistance either during a class, or after a class for further media support

Training on Rooms with Installed Equipment

  • Rooms with Installed Equipment (Rooms with a Digital Projector installed in the ceiling) are reserved first through Enrollment Services.
  • Classroom Media Assistance conducts media training for the various classroom media types before the start of each semester. Professors are contacted based off of e-campus course listings.
  • If you would like to evaluate the room media before the formal training, there is an informative page for each General Assignment Classroom on this wiki (full room list can be found [here]